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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn recharges through Recharged.in?

You don't really need to have a degree in rocket science (or computer science, for that matter) to follow our easy steps.
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Congratulations, you are already on the right track! :D
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We are paid commission for referring you to buy a product.
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Get Recharged!
You get 85% of what we get, in the form of mobile recharges!

How do I make sure that my order gets tracked properly?

Here are a few precautions that you should take:
  • Try to be on a full fledged browser, instead of your mobile.
  • Don't add anything to your cart before visiting the store through our link. If you have already added something to your cart, emptying it should do just fine.
  • Once you visit the store through our link, try to coplete the order in that same session - within the next 10-15 minutes and without closing your browsers. Different stores differ on how they keep track of the affiliate information. This will keep you on the safer side.

I received an email saying my order couldn't be confirmed. Why's that?

Orders which don't appear under our affiliate panel on the respective stores are marked as uncofirmed. If your order has been uncofirmed, it means that the store couldn't track that the order you made used our affiliate link, which means that we won't be receiving any commission for that order, and thus won't be able to provide you any recharge for that order. This happens only when you (somehow) don't follow the instructions given on the home page.

What amount do I get recharged for buying product XYZ?

Click the Find Out button on the home page and select the store and product category (if applicable). Then enter the price of the product you want to purchase and you will be provided with an estimate of how much rupees you will get in the form of recharges. Please note that the estimate shown there is just what it says - an estimate. The final amount that you will be credited with is displayed under your dashboard, once the order is confirmed. We can't give an exact figure because the commission rates we receive from the stores are subject to change at any point of time, and it might take us some time to update the info on our side. Be assured that you will be given 85% (or whatever your cashback rate is) of what we get for your order from the store.

After placing an order, how long does it take to get the recharge done?

About 30 days or more. I know that sounds like a bummer, but I shall explain this in a while.

I want the explanation right now. How can it possibly take such a long time?

There is a very prominent way to fool the system, to counter which, we are required to make sure that an order has been completed before we go through and complete your recharge. People can order stuff on cash on delivery products, get the recharge done from us and cancel the product. This is a serious loss to both the e-store and us. Therefore, we need to make sure that a product is delivered to you before we process your recharge. Also, commission for a product takes time to get verified. Like, in case of Flipkart, a 30 day refund policy ensures that we don't get the orders confirmed till 30 days since the order was delivered. We are trying to find ways to reduce this time.