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You need to be logged in to refer your friends to Recharged.in. Word of mouth publicity is always appreciated, but we won't be able to pay you back for that.

Referring a friend to Recharged.in means Win-Win-Win for all

    How you win:

  • For every referred friend, your cashback rate increases by 0.50%, up to a maximum of 90% (of what we get as a commission from the store in question. Default for registered users is 85%). We already give you back more than any other cashback website on the internet and this makes sure that you will get bigger cashbacks when you place orders through us in the future, whatever store you choose to purchase from.
  • Whenever a referred friend of yours orders something through Recharged, you get 50% of what we earn from that order, and any subsequent orders they ever make (up to a maximum of Rs. 250 per referred user). Let's say a referred friend of yours earns Rs. 2000 cashback through us, then we shall earn Rs. 350 through him, of which, you will get Rs. 175. If you send us a bunch of friends (30?), your earnings will be somewhere around Rs. 5250 per month!
  • How your friends win:

  • They get better deals by getting free cashbacks on everything that they buy online.
  • How we win:

  • Instead of advertising, we rely on your support to reach out to new users. The money we save on advertising and other promotons is paid to the referrer i.e. You.

How not to refer:

Being a jugaadu Indian myself, I can see the obvious jugaad that can be applied here, using which you can refer yourself under a different account and get higher commissions. Be warned though, any user found referring himself will get their account suspended along with all their PiggyBank balance, and any balance from upcoming orders. We have IP tracking in place, along with manual moderation of all accounts, and we shall get to know if you perform multiple signups (don't bother yourself with proxy tools, we have covered that too). There won't be a second warning.
P.S. We're keeping only a razor thin share of commission for ourselves, giving about 90% of it to you. So please stay honest with this scheme.

The Dreaded Fine Print:

  1. You can see your pending referral earnings under your dashboard. These earnings will be credited to your PiggyBank when these are labeled as completed referral earnings, which happens when an order your referred friend made through us, is marked as complete.
  2. We get commission only for orders that are completed and not refunded. So, in case your referred friend cancels an order (or gets a refund for it), neither you, nor we (and nor your friend) gets anything.
  3. Your cashback rate will increase by 0.50% when any of your referred friends gets his first cashback credited to his PiggyBank.
  4. Your referral link is valid for 15 minutes from the time of opening in a browser, and will work only if cookies are enabled.
  5. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any point of time.